Amanda Kanter – Flute Classes

Title: Wildwood Flute Group: Part 1
Instructor: Amanda Kanter
Dates: October 2 – November 6
Time: 6-7 pm, Mondays
Cost: $135
Registration: required, rolling registration
No. of Students: Min. 5 | Max. 12

Are you a flutist picking up your flute again after a ‘few’ years break or are you a new student of flute? Depending on students’ skills levels and interests, student flutists will meet to practice ensemble arrangements of folk tunes and ballads. We will work on intonation, tone blending, voice, breathing and ensemble skills while increasing music fluency and musicianship. Please join us to play beautiful music in a beautiful studio space. “A la carte” fees (paid directly to the instructor; please bring cash or check to first class): $10

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Amanda Kanter has been a flutist for nearly 32 years and has instructed more than 500 flute students in solo flute lesson studio practice and ensembles. Amanda’s teaching philosophy includes a commitment to understanding the learning style of each student. In addition to Classical technique training and repertoire, Amanda introduces students to folk melodies and tunes, including English and Irish music.